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U.S. Unicheer Biotech Group is a U.S. natural bio health company focused on the production of bio-health products and sales. U.S. biotechnology group of Unicheer raw materials and natural health food provider. Sales of raw materials and up to 20 kinds of health food types, widely sold in the United States and around the world, have maintained a zero health food gig, a U.S. health food production industry leader. U.S. Unicheer Biotech Group has been producing natural raw materials and food, whether by purchase of raw materials to finished products, every detail of a strict quality management. And all products definitely do not add preservatives, artificial flavors, chemical coloring, sugar, salt and so on. Always adhere to a belief: We provide the highest quality natural products to customers.
In advocating a healthy trend of the times to become a trend, the U.S. Unicheer biotech group and Japanese yaeyama companies to produce great health value of Japan - yaeyama green algae products. Unicheer U.S. biotechnology company Yaeyama Group, Japan and North America, Greater China exclusive agent. Japan"s Yaeyama Shokusan Co. Ltd. Is a world-renowned manufacturer of green algae, has over 40 years of advanced production technology. Yaeyama Chlorella cultivated field located in the territory of Okinawa, Japan without damage Ishigaki Island, Ishigaki Island paradise known as longevity known. Coral reefs on the island"s subtropical climate, clean and mineral-rich landscape, fresh air and sunlight are excellent quality and yield of green algae risperidone. Without polluting the environment is a necessary condition for outdoor rearing of the green algae can get plenty of sunlight, to produce higher levels of lutein, chlorophyll and CGF. The production of green algae contain a higher concentration of RNA, DNA, CGF, beta carotene, protein and other nutrients, even better than ordinary green algae. First collision cell technology, the success of the green algae processing elements broken, and enjoy the patients and to the patent from the Yaeyama Chlorella cell wall and the effect of various nutrients. The body of the green algae nutrient absorption rate of 83% or more, more easily absorbed by the body.
U.S. Unicheer Biotech Corporation to provide "full integration of preventive care" services, from alternative medicine clinical testing theories of Western medicine, prevention, nutrition, medical care and other methods combined to provide a full range of comprehensive health care services and guidance.