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How the chlorella is to improve high blood pressure?

    There are several reasons causing high blood pressure: First, is genetic factors; second is due to too much chloride ions in vivo, too much chloride ion to increase the activity of angiotensin in vivo, to promote angiotensin Ⅰconversion to angiotensin Ⅱ, lead to vasoconstriction , causing high blood pressure; third is due to high blood lipids, so that the arteries hardening, causing blood vessel luminal narrowing, which cited high blood pressure. The chloride ions and blood lipids in vivo are acidic, therefore, high blood pressure is closely related with the acidic. Acidic easily lead to high blood pressure, mainly because vascular endothelial cells easily damaged after physical acidification, while the body's lipid metabolism in disturbance, a variety of lipid accumulation easily in blood vessel caused blood vessel stenosis, and causing blood pressure to rise high. High alkaline formation of chlorella can change the body's acidic, chlorella’s C. G. F. components can repair damaged vascular endothelial cells effectively, containing the SOD, vitamin E and other antioxidants can reduce lipid accumulation. Therefore, the chlorella can improve blood pressure.
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