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Authoritative experts on acid-base balance

    1. Well-known professor of health education experts Hong Shaoguang, in a seminar held in Zhongnanhai, said: “In accordance with the principles of biology, mammalian life is the growth period of 5 to 7 times. One growing season is long out of the final tooth time (20 to 25 years old) to calculate, so the shortest life expectancy of 100 years, up to 175 years old, the recognized normal life expectancy should be 120 years old. 2. People could live for 100 years of age, but often many people can only live sixties and seventies, very few people can live for 100 years, why? The body acidification serious after 35 years old, the more susceptible the older acidic, which makes the body’s ability to regulate acid-base balance is getting worse, leading to human aging, disease, until the decline, died. 3. Nobel Prize winner German biochemist OTTO WARBURG’s research showed that: hypoxic environment makes normal cells become cancerous, fluid acidification is the major factor leads to hypoxia. 4. Swiss scholar figure the adjustment of fluid acid-base balance as the third effective way to combat cancer. 5. Japanese acid-base balance theory pioneer XIAOYUANXIULONG’s study concluded: “acid constitution is the source of sickness.” “100% of cancer patients are acid constitution.” American physician, Nobel Prize winner Professor Leiwong also said: acid constitution is the source of sickness. 6. Biologists, the human body fluid acid-base balance theory advocates, the first professional writer of acid-base balance theory XIEQIN point out: the enemy of human health is acid constitution. 7. Medical experts’ study show that: when the body fluid maintains acid-base balance, that is, between the PH &#118alue of 7.35---7.45, the body is healthy. PH &#118alue of above 7.45 or below 7.35, the lesions will occur in the human body.
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