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Acid constitution is the enemy of human health

    1. Acid constitution is the main source of lead to cancer. The human body produces about 10,000 cancer cells every day, but most people will not suffer cancer as the body’s immune cells could promptly swallow the cancer cells. When the body PH &#118alue decreased, fluid acidification, the human immune cells’ activity decreased, however, the cancer cells’ activity greatly enhanced, cancer cells have a significant increase at this time, when the cancer cells reaches a certain number, and it forms cancers. 2. Acidic conditions promote cancer metastasis. First of all, when the body fluids PH &#118alue as 6.85—6.95, the most appropriate for the cancer cell survival; secondly, cancer cells have an important prerequisite that cancer cells must be combined with the vessel wall and the molecules, and cancer cells and blood vessels then the wall molecules, only be carried out under acidic conditions. 3. Acidification of body physical could lead to many kinds of cardiovascular diseases. Acidification of body fluids, leading to increased blood viscosity, blood flow slows down, while the polarity of the membrane decreased both inside and outside, cells easy to adhesion, making the blood of large particulate matter deposited in the vessel wall easily, crude vessels change to narrow, microvascular obstruction, then leading to arteriosclerosis, hypertension, thrombosis, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. 4. Acid constitution easy leads to hypertension. The acid constitution has more chloride ion, higher blood lipids. The more chloride, making the body angiotensin enzyme increased, prompting conversion of angiotensin Ⅰto angiotensin Ⅱ, resulting in vasoconstriction, which raises hypertension, high blood lipids, then the hardening of the vessels, causing vascular lumen narrow, causing hypertension. 5. Acid constitution easy leads to hyperlipidemia. Long-term acidification of body fluids, so that the acids in the blood increase, especially the plasma in the acidic environment, could not effectively remove the acid fatty aids, cholesterol and low density lipoprotein etc, which all generated by metabolism, the blood lipids elevated over time. 6. Why acid constitution is apt to cause hardening of arteries? The main reason of body acidification is the too much consumption of acidic foods. Most acidic foods’ animal fat and lipid content is too high, eating this kind food will make a class of lipid deposit on intima, causing intimal hyperplasia, followed by the gradual degradation and aging of the intima and the middle, cholesterol, phospholipids ester, triglyceride deposition in the deep intima, plaque formation, causing atherosclerosis. 7. Diabetes and acid constitution have close relationship. Acid-base balance theory suggests that the emergence of diabetes is the result of acidification of body fluids. No matter the target cells is not sensitive to insulin, or the loss of the ability of pancreatic cell manufacture and secrete insulin, because of acidification of body fluids causes target cell membrane receptor conformational change and microorganisms growth active in the body, produces a large number of internal and external toxins damage pancreatic cells, so that the blood glucose level is abnormal. 8. Japan medical research shows that: human PH &#118alue fell per 0.1 unit, the insulin activity will drop 30%. Decreased activity of insulin exacerbated human metabolic disorders, the body further increase in acid, body acid-base balance further deterioration, the resulting vicious cycle of declining utilization of blood sugar, diabetes become increasingly serious. 9. Why the elderly susceptible to fractures? Mostly elderly is acid constitution, and when the body fluids acidic, the blood calcium and acid binding generate calcium salt, so that lower the blood calcium concentration, in order to maintain the stability of the blood calcium concentration, the calcium of bones will dissolve into the blood to supplement, leading to osteoporosis and easily lead to fracture. 10. Why acid constitution is the main reason for a variety of joint disease? Because the acid metabolites of joint into the blood by passive diffusion, the speed of discharge acid is very slow. When the joints of the tissue fluid acidification, will makes the hydrolase of bone cell’s exocytosis into the tissue fluid could not be activated quickly, so that the hydrolse digest cartilage quality, leading to joint hollowed out, resulting in a variety of joint pain. 11. Why acid constitution easy to catch gallstone disease? Acid constitution causes body fluids high magnesium, calcium, especially in blood, also greatly increased the opportunity to produce a variety of stones. 12. Rheumatoid has the concerning of acid constitution. Under the acid conditions, immune system changes, causing hormonal imbalance, so susceptible to rheumatoid joint disease. 13. Why the person in acid constitution is most likely to gain weight? In order to alleviate the acidic level of body fluids, the fat molecules of body fluids accelerate the formation, causing the body fat. 14. A variety of stomach disease has the concerning of acid constitution. When the body acidification, the gastric acid of cells secretion increase, gastric juice PH &#118alue significantly decreased, excessive stomach acid on gastric parietal cell to produce its own digestion, damage the gastric mucosa, so as to cause the occurrence of a variety of ulcer disease, and ulcer is easy bacterial infection, forms gastritis. 15. Long-term constipation, diarrhea has the concerning of body acidification. Acidification of the body, breaking the body acid-base balance, leading to the imbalance of intestinal flora, resulting in constipation, diarrhea. 16. Why urinary frequency is concerned with acid constitution? When the body is acidic, the PH &#118alue of the urine also reduces accordingly. When the urine PH &#118alue decreased, the stimulating effect on bladder increase, not wait for the bladder filed with urine, it makes the people intend to engender the urine, so that cause urinary frequency. 17. Why the acid constitution is the main reason for aggravate gout? Acid constitution will lead to acidic substances (such as uric acid) slows down the speed of discharge, result in uric acid accumulate in the joins easily, thereby increase the gout. 18. Why the acid constitution is the main reason of bed breath? Bad breath is caused by the entire digestive microorganism’s reproduction. Saliva is alkaline; it will inhibit the propagation of bacteria in the oral cavity; on the contrary, saliva is acidic, it will create a good environment for the propagation of bacteria. So the people in acid constitution prone to bad breath. 19. Why the acid constitution affect intelligence and cause children could not concentrate? Our memory decline with the increasing age, because the human body fluids begin to acidification since the age of 30, the older, the more acid. Similarly, when children intake a large number of acid food, sugar and meat and so on, it is easy to form acid constitution before the body excretory system fully growth, lead to hyperactivity and mental growth retardation.
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