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Why modern people’s physique is easy to acidification?

    1. Diet unreasonable. Modern life is rich, lavish meals every day, intake too much acidic foods, breaking the body’s acid-base balance, leading to acidification. A reasonable proportion of the diet is : acidic food: basic food=2:8 2. What is the acidic food and alkaline food? If the food in the final metabolite of the human body contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other cations highly is alkaline food, and contains sulfur, phosphrous much is acidic food. Alkaline foods are fruits and vegetables, soy, seaweed, etc; meat fish, rice, sugar and others are acidic food. 3. Lack of exercise. More exercise, more sweat, can help the body rid of excess acid. However, taking the car instead of walking more and more frequently, the physical activity significantly reduced. Long-term in this case, will lead to acid metabolites stay in the body, result the acidification of body. 4. Excessive pressure. Under the high tension and pressure, the pressure makes calcium of blood decreased; the blood becomes acidic, result in acid constitution directly. 5. Excessive smoking and drinking. Tobacco and alcohol are typical acidic food, smoking and drinking without restraint, will lead to acidification easily. 6. Irregular life. Night karaoke, playing mahjong, dancing and other irregular life, will increase the acidic. In addition, insomnia also could lead to acidification of body. 7. Environmental pollution. In recent years, the pesticide-contaminated vegetables and fruits, the hazard of chemical food and environment pollution, soil acidification, have increased the acidity of the food. When people intake too much these harmful elements, the acid will stay in the body result in acidification. 8. Long-term stay up. Do not sleep after 1:00 at night, the body’s metabolism will be burning by the endocrine, and it will product a lot of toxins, which changes our constitution to acidic. The chances of catch chronic diseases who stay up is higher than the people who smoke and drink alcohol. 9. Love late snack. Those eating after 20:00 called late snack. Late snack will be tired the next day, could not get up, the liver will be damaged, because when sleeping, the human activity of various organs is low, at rest, food could not be good digested. The food stay in intestines will turn acid, fermentation; produce toxins, makes constitution turn acid. 10. Do not eat breakfast. Do not eat breakfast in the morning, the body have no power, will automatically make the thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary gland to burn the tissues, lead to gland hyperactivity, physical changes acid, long-term like this, easily to lead chronic diseases.
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