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    Chlorella: Chlorella belongs to green algae, a kind of single cell plants growing in fresh water three billion and one hundred million years ago. The reason of chlorella’s amazing vitality is that it has 100 times more powerful reproduction than higher plants on land. Through scientists’ study, there are a large number of Magnesium and Chlorella Growth Factor which could activate people’s immune system effectively, help cells and tissues healthy growth and strengthen self-repair cells. What’s more, it could activate the operation of cell metabolism. After the invention of the microscope, Professor M.W. Beijerinck of the Netherlands was the first to culture chlorella in his laboratory and named it. Early 19th century, German governments first took the chlorella as food, and achieved the good results. However, until mid-20th century, Japanese scientists began to develop into large-scale commercial culture. Chlorella is one of the earliest lives in the world. Chlorella as the king of algae, it has the highest basic content of nature, is 30 times that of ordinary vegetables. In addition to chlorella rich in balanced five nutrients (protein, vitamin, microelement, carbohydrate, amino acids), more specifically, it contains the only gene bioactive substances C.G. F (Chlorella Growth Factor) of natural. It is highly respected by states biochemist and nutritionist. Chlorella is the most plants contain chlorophyll, the ability of photosynthesis produces oxygen and nutrients is 10 times than normal green plants. It is called “the sun’s energy library”, “treasure trove of health”, “nature of the medical division”, enabling blood to promote the number of the red blood cells. Chlorella could regular blood pressure, alleviate cholesterol and blood sugar, it has the effect on weight loss and heart care. U.S. and European multinational clinical studies have shown that chlorella could remove the backlog toxic heavy metals of body, especially lead, cadmium, mercury and other toxic organic compounds such as insecticide DDT and industrial chemicals PCB etc. The powder is widely used in medicine, health care, food additives, etc. Chlorella is called “the best human gene food of twenty-first century” by United Nations Health Organization, it was recommended by the UN FAO as “the best food of the twentieth century”. With its variety of roles that people are constantly being discovered, it will be used more widely. More and more people recognize, accept and love this food, the demand for such products will continue to increase. In Japan, sales of chlorella products for 20 years in all health care products in the first row.
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