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Chlorella contains a lot of dietary fiber

    Nov, 10th, 1978, Japan's The Daily Yomiuri published, according to Professor of Kinki University School of Medicine research team proved for many years, chlorella has a good blood pressure lowering effect, and without any side effects. Chlorella contains a lot of dietary fiber, not only can "clean up" gut, but also can reduce the stay time of waste in the colon, dilute the concentration of toxic substances, adjustment and change in the metabolism of the colon, makes the tension of colon increased, activity increases, so conducive to the prevention of colon cancer. Chlorella on the digestive system is direct and obvious. The food-oriented people, in order to survive, the human intake a lot of nutrition from food daily. However, the status of gastrointestinal, decide and affect the nutrient absorption and utilization directly. The treatment functions of chlorella to constipation, almost unaffected by gender, age and history of constipation, and good treatment, but also sustainable. Chlorella which is also known as the intestinal tract, "scavenger."
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