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The Gospel of acid constitution

    1. Vegetables, fruits only could neutralize acidic substances, as it is the inorganic base, unstable, easily excreted. In addition, industrial development cause environment pollution, pesticide pollution, soil acidification, makes fruits and vegetables increasingly acidic. Therefore, could not rely on fruits and vegetables solely to improve acidic constitution. 2. As the king of alkaline food, the development of chlorella has brought a breakthrough revolution to human nutrition structure. Chlorella is the most effective health food to improve the acidic constitution. Taking chlorella could make up the deficiency of simply eating fruits and vegetables to improve acidic constitution. 3. Chlorella riches in iron, potassium, zinc, calcium and variety of elements, could neutralize the acid in the body, keep the body’s acid-base balance, makes the PH &#118alue of human body fluids remain weak alkaline in the 7.35-7.45 range. When the body is alkaline is the most healthy, immune ability high, not infected easily. 4. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention on the right remedy with right diseases. As the treatment for described above acidic constitution caused cancer, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal diseases, stones and other diseases, we must adjust the body’s acid-base balance firstly, make the body’s constitution from acid to weak alkaline. Chlorella as the king of alkaline food, is the best regulator of acid-base balance, it has a good effect on treat and prevent mentioned diseases. 5. As Jinan University, College of life science and technology, Professor Yuzao Qi said: “Taking chlorella tablet usually could change body’s acid constitution to weak alkaline in a short time, improve human immunity, especially have effects in diabetes, ulcers, liver disease, various stones. In recent years research and experiments show that, chlorella has the effect on anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, anti-mutation, and could decrease blood pressure and serum cholesterol. 6. Chlorella as “the best gene products of human in the twenty-first century” called by the United Nations World Health Organization. Southern Medical University, Professor Jiayao Li also pointed out: “chlorella is the best food for health, disease prevention, aging, often remains young and recovery of physical fitness.” 7. Chlorella contains the unique C.G.F, with a high biological &#118alue. Fukushima Medical University, Dr. Kojima said: “C.G. F has the effect on anti-tumor, anti-radiation, anti-microbial infection.” Life sciences, Nanjing University, Professor Ting Wang believe: “ C.G.F could be immediately absorbed by the body without digestion, quickly add the body needs, promote metabolism, improve physical fitness, and repair damaged cells, enhanced cell resistance, played the role of prevention and treatment of disease. 8. Japan science Fujimaki, director of livelihood of people pointed out: “ C.G.F with longevity and prevent aging effects.” Dr. Duwel, Denver General Hospital study shows that: “Through the experiment of menopausal women, found that subjects with rejuvenation evidence to prove that C.G.F can fine aging and restore youth. 9. We can not change the law of life, but we can delay the process of acidification of the human body fluids by taking Yaeyama chlorella and other basic foods, so as to achieve the purpose of longevity. As previously mentioned, if we can regulate the body’s acid-base balance, people live to be 100 years old is not a dream.
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