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What evidence can prove chlorella have amazing vitality?

    The United States had did a large number of water explore tests conducted experiments in an island of the Pacific, after the experiment finish, there are many biological died out of the lonely island, it was predicted the island as the death island at that time, and later investigators with systemic equipment defense landed on the island, to investigate the situation of the island, found that there are a large number of chlorella on the swamps and low-lying areas of the island. Expedition to the Sahara desert has found chlorella too. There are reports pointed: from the glaciers, or fire-breathing ash found chlorella. University of the DONGBI in Japan, Professor Kang Kurihara experiment: the glass containers of a half of water, regarded it as the earth, and put chlorella, bacteria, some microorganisms of protozoa, Spirulina (also known as blue algae) and so on in the container, and then dropping a few drops of a poison, and later observed the container, only remained two or three bacteria and chlorella, others dead.
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