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Why chlorella is called the savior of mankind?

    Chlorella not only is the health food for human, but also can be used for preventive medicine and treatment medicine. In addition, it can be used for food industry, animal feed and the universe food, it has the boundless prospects. The population on the planet now about six billion people, after 30 years, could exceed more than ten billion, the wearing, eating, living, walking and etc will have problem, if a hundred years later, the problem is even more serious. Now the world population is six billion, several countries already have famine, but had to rely on assistance from other countries, if to ten billion, the human food problem is bound to become more serious. Therefore, scientists hope to solve the food problems of mankind through the high protein and other more essential nutrient contained by chlorella, and can quickly decompose to four under photosynthesis of solar energy in future, chlorella also can be used for poultry feed, so in the future, mankind have to rely on chlorella to survive, in other words, chlorella is the savior of mankind.
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