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             What is the mechanism of chlorella to inhibit cancer?  
             Why chlorella can improve gastrointestinal function?  
             Whether chlorella can treat gastric and duodenal ulcer?  
             How the chlorella is to improve high blood pressure?  
             What is the mechanism of Why C.G.F make people live longer?  
             Which people need to eat chlorella most?  
             Why chlorella is the best natural nutrition health food?  
             Why called chlorella as the gospel of human health?  
             Why chlorella treat iron deficiency anemia has a good effect?  
             Why Chlorella can help to improve sleep?  
             Why chlorella can detoxicate?  
             Whether can take chlorella even if has goiter?  
             Whether take chlorella can prevent influenza?  
             Whether chlorella can eliminate the sub-health status?  
             Is there any side effects of eating chlorella? Will it damage stomach?  
             Why chlorella can fully enhance the body's immune function?  
             Why chlorella is effective for many diseases of the body?  
             Which significant health, medical effects of chlorella has?  
             Why chlorella is called the savior of mankind?  
             Why called chlorella as the gospel of human health?  
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