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             Why science fiction call chlorella as "permanent bread?"  
             Why the modern people need chlorella?  
              Composition of Chlorella  
              How to add chlorella when radiotherapy and chemotherapy, what help?  
             Why chlorella can inhibit cancer cell metastasis?  
             What is the mechanism of chlorella to inhibit cancer?  
             What is the mechanism of chlorella to improve cardiovascular disease?  
             Why chlorella can detoxicate?  
             Why chlorella can improve high blood cholesterol?  
             Why chlorella can improve gastrointestinal function?  
             Whether take chlorella can prevent influenza?  
             Whether chlorella can eliminate fatigue?  
             Why chlorella has good effect on treating iron deficiency anemia?  
             If Chlorella has detoxification effect?  
             Reduce hypertension with the chlorella  
             Whether chlorella can eliminate the sub-health status?  
             Whether taking chlorella can really help to beautify the skin?  
             Whether chlorella can treat gastric and duodenal ulcer?  
             Why chlorella can treat gout?  
             Why chlorella can fully enhance the body's immune function?  
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